Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

Last year we were eagerly waiting for the arrival the top pc gamer card “GTX 1080” which is a great card. But you know we gamers always get bored in short time we want something new and powerful. So this year Nvidia released the successor it’s successor, GTX 1080 Ti. The new and powerful GTX 1080 Ti is 35% faster than GTX 1080 with never seen before 11gb  GDDR5X video memory and 352 bit memory interface costing $700. The company claims that the card outperforms the GTX Titan X Pascal launched last year and costs much higher at $1200.

There is another good news!!. As a result of GTX 1080 Ti the prices of GTX 1080 will cut down to $500.

Whats new in the card ? The new card uses the first Micron’s “G5X” memory. The GPU is manufactured using FinFet process, cooling is handled by a new thermal solution.


Best Graphics Cards

This is one of the question which most of the gamers would search to get the best gaming performance. GPU is one of the most important component of a pc whether you are gaming or not. But if you game AAA titles like Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, GTA V this are graphically demanding games, these games require high graphic power to render all the pixels. There are many Graphic cards available as per your budget. To get the best performance you may have to spend more. Nvidia and AMD are best GPU companies in the market.


Nvidia launched it’s 10 series which includes the gtx 1080, gtx 1070, gtx 1060 budget friendly 1050 and 1050ti. The highest end model available right now is the Titan X Pascal. Rumours are floating around for the GTX 1080 ti.

GTX 1070

This is one of the best gpu for 1080p and 1440p gaming. It is capable of running mostly all games at ultra settings. There are many after market companies like MSI,ASUS,GIGABYTE which offer much better performance and enery consumption. The card has 1920 cuda cores, the clock speed is 1683 mhz and memory is 8gb DDR5. The card requires 8 pin power connector

GTX 1080

Accroding to the price point this is the best graphic card you can buy next to Titan X pascal which will cost you $1200. The gpu is 30% faster than previous generation titan x and gtx 980ti and also consumes 30% less power than both thanks to new technology. Throw any game at it, it will surely destroy it. It is capable of 4k gaming for that amazing mesmerizing view.

The GPU sports 2560 cuda cores, clock speed of 1607 mhz and 8gb DDR5X memory.

GTX 1060

This is best selection if you game on 1080p. It will handle most of the games at medium to high settings above 60fps. This is a sweet choice if you are new to gaming.

The GPU has 1280 cuda cores and clock speed of 1506 mhz. There are two variants- 6gb and 3gb.



The company offers same performance but at slighlty lower price.

Radeon RX 470

The GPU is comparable to 3gb variant of gtx 1060 but for best bank for the buck this card is better and performs slightly lower than 480

The card is available in both 4gb and 8gb variant. The card will cost $169.99

The card sports 2048 stream processors  and base clock of 926 mhz with memory clock speed of 1650 mhz.

That’s it folks I hope you have selected your GPU based on this reference. Happy Gaming!!!!