Best Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse are different from regular mouse. Gaming requires quick movement and accuracy with right mouse weight and functionality. A perfect gaming mouse should be ergonomic, perfect weight and good dpi settings.

Here are the best gaming mouse you can get:

1. Razer Naga Hex V2

DPI: Max 16,000

Features: 7 Buttons mechanical thumb wheel, preconfigured profiles, DPI switch buttons.

The mouse is perfect for MOBA and MMo players. The mouse along with a thumb grip has seven quick access buttons in a circular form. There are two buttons on the top for adjusting DPI sensitivity on the fly. For the grip there are two rubber plates on the sides. The mouse is beautiful and gorgeous thanks to it’s RGB lighting glowing out of side buttons, mouse wheel and Razer logo. Lighting behaviour can be configured using a Razer’s Synapse software along with preset settings for games.

2. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

DPI :12,000

Interface: Both wired and wireless 2.4GHz

Buttons: 11

Features: RGB lighting (Customizable), 30 hour battery life, removable side buttons.

The mouse is available with both wired and wireless options. This is one of the best options for wireless options and won’t let you down. The DPI can be scaled between 200 12,000. With ambidextrous is worth trying along with magnetic buttons which can be swapped for a black spacer.

3. Corsair M65 Pro RGB

DPI: 12,000

Features: Advanced weight tuning system, aluminium structure, Extra large glide pads, high mass scroll wheel, 8 buttons.

This mouse is well designed and fits in the hand comfortably suitable for long gaming sessions. The DPI can be maxed out to 12,000 DPI. Emerged with beautiful lighting which can be changed with the Corsair software. A sniper button positioned on the left hand edge, three point weight customization. This is a good mouse to go.

4. Roccat Nyth

DPI: 12,000

Features: Custom button layout, Mid finger fin switch, AlienFX Illumination, 3D printing support, 2x hotswappable sidegrips.

This mouse is highly customizable. One of the cool feature is when you click a button which pops out 12 side buttons which can be configured in any order of 36 combinations.Custom button configurations and mapping buttons can be done using Roccat’s Swarm Driver. The mouse is suitable for any type of game and you can even 3D print custom buttons.

5. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

DPI: 10,000

Features: Textured rubber side grips, Chroma lighting, 1000GHz Ultrapolling, On the Fly sensitivity adjustment, always on mode.

Razer is best known for it’s gaming accessories. Razer DeathAdder Chroma is one of the gaming mouse popular around gamers. The mouse has different glowing colours along with right amount of weight. There are rubber side grips for quick access. The optical sensors can be maxed up to 10,000 DPI. Definitely one of the best mouse to choose.