Best Games of 2016 which dominated the Gaming Reign

Games are very fun and entertaining to play. As we gamers have seen how the games have quickly evolved with the years passing by amusing us with the amazing graphics, stories and different game modes available.

Here are my picks for the best games that we gamers enjoyed in 2016.

1.Battlefield 1

It was one of the most awaited games of 2016 with millions of views on it’s trailer. A beta version was released where only one map was playable but the amount of the players increased so quickly due to the heat it had generated by it’s promising gameplay trailers and stories. It’s multiplayer mode can be called one of the best. You can hardly find any empty servers :D. The game takes place in the era of World War 1 so you enjoy the classic weapons, tanks, outfits used in that time.

This according to me was one of the best release of 2016. Now the CTE programme is also launched wherein early updates are released to subscribed users to take their opinion on the changes and additions made to the game


This is the first game by the company which was a whooping success and a rating of 9.4 on IGN. It is a multiplayer with characters to choose. These characters have become well known among the gamers.You get well-executed gunplay, unique character classes, exciting maps, and a variety of game modes. Also the community is extremely support oriented towards it’s fans which has led to it’s success.


Another popular game among the gamer. It is the First Person Shooter game of the year. It is the first game title of the company. The game is mostly known for it’s brutal kills and fast pace. The enemies spawn at a rapid rate some of them have melee attacks while others have ranged attacks with different guns.  It also features environment traversal, character upgrades, and the ability to perform executions on enemies known as “glory kills”. The game was the second best selling game after it’s release with over 500,000 copies sold.

4.Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is an action adventure game from third person perspective  and the conclusion of the series. The gameplay has some amazing locations where you can jump, swing, swim, sprint, narrow ledge, using a swing rope, grapple hook and other acrobatics. The maps size are significantly larger than previous game with mesmerizing views and interactions. The game also has multiplayer mode where players can select different characters with the task to defeat other opponents. Various treasures are spread out throughout the map with the help of which players can buys weapons and items.

5.Titanfall 2

The game is a first person shooter in which players control both pilot and their titans-mecha style exoskeleton. There are various abilties which a player possesses including invisibility cloaking and parkouring such as double jumping, zip lining and wall running. The game has new gameplay mechanics such as the pulse blade, which is a throwing knife that reveals the location of any nearby enemy, the holo-pilot, a holographic pilot that mimics players’ action to confuse enemies, and a grappling hook, which can be used to slingshot players to a building or an enemy it attaches to. As you progress in the game new weapon customization options are available. The game also has multiplayer mode which is worth trying.



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