How to Keep PC Running Fresh

Every person gets frustrated when using a sluggish and slow pc just waiting there for hours and hours to get the task done. A good performing pc is free of adware, spyware, viruses and malwares and enough space on the hard drive.

These are simple tips to get the pc running like new again and enjoying that blazing fast sped which you deserve

1.Uninstall programs

Removing unnecessary programs and applications is extremely simple and useful tips towards boosting your pc performance. There are many programs which you may have installed earlier and have forgotten about them. This programs take hard drive space and keep running in the background sucking your RAM. Just go to Control Panel>Programs and Features>Uninstall Programs. You will find many programs which you may not be using and other toolbars and adware you may have unknowingly installed which come with other applications.

This is very crucial step to get some hard drive space. There should always be 30% free space on your hard drive partition.

2.Windows Cleanup

A very helpful built in feature of windows. This tool will also give you extra space in your drive. The tools removes unwanted temporary files and folders, error reports and also if you want you can do windows update cleanup where the old installation files of windows update are deleted giving you gigabytes of space.


Now we are going to lower the boot time and RAM consumption. Just go to run and type “msconfig” without quotation. Go to startup tab and disable the programs which you don’t want to start while booting. I would recommend you to keep only antivirus enabled. Then go to services tab and check hide all microsoft services tab so you don’t unknowingly mess with those. Disable the services which you don’t use. After that click apply and reboot. This will lower your RAM consumption and boot time.

4.Temporary Files

Go to run and type”%temp” without quotation and click ok. A folder will open. Just delete all the stuff from that folder. If you haven’t done that in a while it can give you gigabytes of space and slight performance increase.


This is one of the best tools every computer should have installed. It is a very simple and powerful tool one click tool. Just to and download free version of CCleaner. Once installed, open the software and click on run ccleaner  It will clean all your browser history, windows temporary files, prefetch files and other bad stuff from you pc giving you some space. Then go to registry tab on the left side and click scan for issues. If first time it will give you alot of errors. After scanning just click on fix selected issues and scan one more time you may find some errors again. Again fix those and you are good to go to the next step.


This is a very small tool but will give you relief from those shitty adware and toolbars. Go to this link and download the program, it is free. Open the program and click on scan. It takes some time so be patient. If this is your first time running this program on your computer you will be amazed to see how powerful this tool is you will see alot of errors. Just fix those and reboot. Trust me you will be happy to use this program.


Most important tool in this guide. Go to and download the free version and install. Once installed scan and see the result for yourself. You will be amazed to see how many malwares where sucking the RAM and ultimately the performance of your computer. I would recommend to scan once in two weeks.

8.Windows Update

Do remember to do windows update on regular basis. This are the optimizations and security patches send by the Windows server to your pc they are extremely crucial and they also keep your drivers latest. A must remember step.


You should be aware while installing the program and reading what is going on while installation. Many people have habits of just click next button. But companies take advantages of this behaviour and get unwanted applications installed along with the one which we are installing. So just make sure you read what’s going on while installation and take wise decicions.

10.Fresh Windows Installation

If none of the above steps work, i would suggest a clean installation of windows version. Do keep in mind to backup your important files and folders to avoid any data loss. Just grab a windows cd or a usb stick and install fresh windows. Once done do install the above programs so you don’t mess up again.

That’s it friends. This is the most simple and 100% working guide. I am sure it will help you somehow to boost you pc performance. Tell me in the comments if this helped you.


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