How to Install Lineage OS on Your Android Device

As we know that Cyanogenmod has ended, LineageOS has the throne to provide eveb better services to get the most out of the Android devices.

Not everyone of us can afford flagship devices like Google Pixel or Samsung S7. But the custom roms allow us to mess with various configuration options and customize as per the thought of the user. Android being open source allows us to take the devices to their maximum potential by rooting the device

It is necessary to root the device to install the custom rom  Here is a video made by xda developers for simple method to root your device. Please do check that your device is supported

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused.

Now lets proceed:

1. Make sure that your device is supported by going to the official LinegeOS site . Go to update and build prep then to download portal and you will get list of devices on your left hand side.

2.Select your device and download the latest build. If your device is not listed it means that the device is not yet officially supported. You can head out to xda developers thread and search for unofficial builds.

3.You will also need Gapps for google play, youtube and other improtant google services. Here is the link for that

4.As i mentioned earlier your device must be rooted and custom recovery should be installed like TWRP, CWM recovery. You can find various tutorials about roting and installinh custom recovery online just search your device name and how to install custom recovery.

5.Once you are sure that you are rooted and have custom recovery installed, transfer the download Rom zip file and the Gapps zip to your SD card. To boot into recovery you can search online as it is different for every device.

6.Make sure you backup your current rom by the backup options provided in the custom rom so that if you like you make go back to earlier rom without losing any files and data.

7.Now you are all set to install the tom. First you will have to factory reset. Just go to wipe and swipe to factory reset. Once done head to the install and locate your rom zip file, select and swipe to install. It takes a bit of time so just be patient. Done? Now select the gapps zip file and flash.Now you are ready to boot into the new mobile life 😉

8.Exit out of your recovery, the device will restart and start booting into the new custom rom. This is the area where your patience is tested. It make take some time to boot or even bootloop if you have done something wrong. If it doesn’t boot into the welcome screen after a long patience just search for your query on the xda thread you will definitely find something.

9.If you are successfully booted which most of you wil if you follow steps correctly. You will see a welcome screen just follow instructions and you will land on the homescreen. Now you are free to enjoy the rom and the different features for which the rom is known for.

The main reason for flashing Lineage OS is the close to stock android experience and no bloatware which makes the device less laggy. There are tons of customization options available for which the rom is famous. I personally have it installed on my device and it has never let me down. The experience is Amazing and Mind blowing!!!!


You should definitely try it. You wont regret it. Do share your experience in the comments below



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